Individual Weight Management Program

The individual weight loss and nutritional programs at Profile Associates focus on individual eating patterns, supplement choices, and activity patterns.

The first 50 minute session includes a review of your diet, weight and current lifestyle patterns. We briefly review you and your family’s medical history related to possible nutrition problems. We usually begin by teaching you how to record a food and behavior/symptom diary for the following week while you maintain your current weight.

Our company employs an evidence based practice (EBP) approach to health care. Our nutritionists utilize the best evidence possible, the most appropriate information and latest research to make decisions for the individual clients. The process involves conscientious decision making based not only on the available evidence and research but also on client characteristics, situations, and preferences.

The second 50 minute session is spent analyzing and discussing the recorded eating and behavior patterns. You will learn a simple food group system. We will discuss and negotiate a daily meal plan based on your patterns that is low enough in calories for weight loss to begin. You will continue to record your eating and behavior patterns using the new food group system.

The third and subsequent weeks are 25 minute sessions. We review your records and make additional adjustments. We will discuss any problems or obstacles you may encounter. We also negotiate individualized activity patterns. Positive conversations continue to cover vitamins/minerals and supplements as needed. Food choices, behavior, lifestyle patterns, and exercise will remain the primary focus. Other issues might include business and work pressures, restaurant eating, grocery store visits, and holiday and family stresses.

You are free to choose how often we meet and how long you think you will need nutritional counseling or medical nutrition therapy. Our goal is for you to be comfortable with your improved food and lifestyle choices. They become a permanent part of your healthy and energetic lifestyle.